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What happens to your data!?

Did you ever ask yourself, what happens to your data on your disposed devices? Scroll down, follow the link and learn what happens with your data.

In connection with the e-waste expo we published an article on the topic “Data security and e-waste: how does it work together?” Furthermore, we gave a presentation on this topic, which you can download free of charge as a full version. Download now.

The main reason for the very dynamic growth of electronic waste is the ongoing digitalization and shorter product life cycles of all types of consumer devices. We asked ourselves: Why can’t the problem simply be used as part of the solution?

Digitization as support for the data-safe disposal of electronic waste. The technical solutions available today and the willingness of all market participants should lead to a well-documented handling of all electronic waste. All we have to do is close the data gap within the recycling process and choose the right solutions and partners to manage this end-of-life process. This is exactly what we do!

To know more about this topic, read the whole article here.