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Services & Consulting

From Concept Design to Operation

CIRECON offers services and solutions for environmental compliance and WEEE regulations. Our goal is to reduce the complexity of extended manufacturer responsibility legislation and other product and disposal-related requirements for manufacturers and distributors.  We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the most competitive solutions.

Concept Design – Going green

As there are a lot of alternatives to create circular economy business strategies, we have the aim, competence and know-how in our company to support B2B customers in creating tailor-made circular economy concepts with focus on legal requirements.

A free workshop with our customers with the analysis of the company strategy, goals and needs in terms of end-of-life products leads us to the creation of a better solution for disposed electronics with following deliverables:

readiness check
resolve check
set-up plan and implementation strategy

Our concept design and consultancy services help organizations gain end-of-life supply chain control and enhance their sustainability by reintroducing recycled materials into new products. We help our customers rethink their processes, enabling them to develop solutions away from a linear towards a more circular economy.


Consulting and creation of individual and customer-specific CE solutions and concepts, including support during operational implementation
One company as main contact who coordinates the project for the customer
Generation of value from materials and assets
Creation of more efficient operating models and reduction of operating costs
Building and strengthening long-term service-oriented relationships with partners and customers
Maintain a green image and improve the overall company appearance

Operations – Going greener

Concept Design fulfilled? Let’s go for the next step and support you by handling all steps within the set-up plan for the implementation strategy. CIRECON Operations offers process partner management, transparency by reporting, support by monitoring and controlling of implemented concept and creation of optimization. Our experts provide you with:

Product registration services to comply with the European WEEE Directive
Collection schemes for WEEE within the B2B and B2C sector
Logistics for EEE and licensed WEEE
Categorization based on the European standards
Reuse of electronics and spare parts
Data sanitization and destruction
Certified hazardous waste removal
High-level sorting of materials
Recovery of secondary raw materials
Business intelligence
Reporting with tracking function


Existing contacts for the set-up of an individual partner network
Transparent disposal and recycling of old equipment
Optimized logistics solutions
Compliance with legal guidelines (e.g. the WEEE Directive)
Reporting in accordance with local compliance rules, which are regularly monitored and updated
Safe and sustainable processing of hazardous toxins and data security through licensed data deletion


Our expertise and experience reduces complexity.

We offer comprehensive and customer-oriented solutions so that our customers can focus on their core business.


We think globally and act locally to provide complete solutions.

Our products and services combine to form integrated solutions to address challenges effectively and efficiently.


Our actions are innovative and entrepreneurial.

We are not afraid of innovation and change and try to question the status quo in order to drive it forward.