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The new ElektroG

The German government has presented an amendment to the ÔÇ×Elektro- und ElektronikgesetzÔÇť in Germany, which will come into force in January 2022. The main aim of the amendment is to increase the collection rate of e-waste and thus also improve recycling performance. The desired effect is to be achieved with the help of an expansion of collection points, in particular the inclusion of certified primary treatment facilities and retailers.

The amendment also introduces an obligation for supermarkets. As a result, electronics retailers and supermarkets will be obliged to take back old equipment up to an edge length of 25 centimeters free of charge.. Beyond that, customers do not have to buy an equivalent new device from the retailer. The free take-back of larger appliances (>25 cm), on the other hand, will continue to be linked to the simultaneous purchase of a new appliance.

In addition, the revised version of the ElektroG also aims to involve online retailers more closely. For example, the obligation to collect an old appliance free of charge when shipping a new appliance will be stipulated.

Another change is that in the future, certified primary treatment facilities will be allowed to take back old equipment voluntarily and free of charge, even without being commissioned by manufacturers, distributors or municipalities.

Many other new regulations go hand in hand with the amendment. 

Why this amendment?

In Germany, collection rates for e-waste were only 43 percent in 2018. To achieve the new minimum quota of 65 percent, which has been in effect since last year, the collection volume must be increased by around 500,000 tons.

What will change for you?

In our webinar (DE), we would like to give you an understanding of the details and changes, especially with regard to the previously applicable law. In addition, we are particularly interested in highlighting the new law from a wide variety of perspectives in order to provide you with the best possible information.

The main contents of the webinar therefore include the following:

The ElektroG 2020:

– Current legal basis according to ElektroG in Germany

ElektroG as of January 2022:

– Extension of producer obligations

– Additional collection rights for waste management companies

– Obligations of stationary trade – consumer electronics stores, supermarkets from the food retail sector and furniture stores

– Liability for fulfillment service providers and electronic marketplaces

Participate free of charge and without obligation in the webinar of our brand CIRECON, which takes care of the circular economy of waste electrical equipment.

The link to register: https://eveeno.com/138266812

We look forward to your participation!