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Waste man on a mission – #whattheschrott is going on?

,,Hey there, Waste Man here’’ – with our superhero we learned many different things about e-waste and recycling for several weeks.

Unfortunately the knowledge of our society about e-waste is still very low and that’s why Waste Man has made it its mission to educate, explain and show what this topic entails.

Waste man

According to the newest data of the Global E-waste monitor from 2019 about 53 million tons of e-waste had been generated by all of us globally. Only 17,4% are collected and documented correctly and the rest of data is lost and no one knows, what happened to those e-waste units.

With the support of the Waste man, our social media campaign #whattheschrott will show you what e-waste means, how to dispose of it correctly and why recycling is a big step to a sustainable future with a green planet. Together against illegal garbage disposal!

Check out our social media channels to learn more about the whole campaign. The posts are in german – if you don’t understand several things feel free to send us a private message.