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#WieEntsorgstDu – Survey about ,,Electrical waste disposal in private households”


Regensburg, 13.11.2020: Today our survey to the topic electrical waste disposal in private households  went on-line. Click here, scroll down and take part!

What is it about? In German households 32 million tons of electrical waste store, resulted in an inquiry of the Bitkom 2018. That is a whole beautiful quantity. But why? This is exactly what we would like to find out with our current survey, namely why most of us do not part with our old electrical appliances, but keep them at home. Due to the still very low recycling rate, important and rare raw materials are lost and storing them even poses risks for humans! You can find out more about this on our social media channels and our website.

Who can participate? Everybody! The survey is designed in such a way that really every vote counts.

Is it free and anonymous? Yes! The survey is 100% free and without obligation. You can participate without giving your name, address or e-mail address. Furthermore you don’t have to register.

How long does the participation take? Answering the questions takes only 5 minutes.

How do I find out the results? As soon as we have completed the study, we will post the results on our news-site.