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Why our Information & Reporting System is revolutionary!


The CIRECON team has developed a software for the digitalisation of e-waste streams handling: CIRIS. This tool is an online platform where you can easily manage the disposal of your end-of-life electrical and electronic products. And what is more: It will show you how the recycling process can even pay off for your company. Our differentiating features include the announcement of e-waste shipments by two clicks, the smart and easy tracking of the recycling chain, the individual service extras, e.g. the customized packages, the evaluation of the units shipped and pricing offers for them based on the market values. Furthermore, the CIRIS portal offers you the possibility to profit from outdated electronics by means of individual sorting procedures and ways to easily monitor all your shipments including the analysis of incoming products.

CIRIS – Software as a Service (SaaS)

To get access to the CIRIS portal, all you have to do is to register on the www.cirecon.de/registration website. We will immediately create an account for your company. We give you the possibility to choose between three different packages which are provided as a free basic version (Silver), an extended version with additional features (Gold) and a premium version with an individual set-up based on your requirements (Platinum).

In the beginning, we recommend a free trial for 30 days to test the Gold version with extended module functions and additional user accounts. No operative pick-up by the deposited logistics provider is triggered during these 30 days, only the testing of functions is involved here.

If we have been able to convince you within this time frame, you can easily switch to the yearly license of the Silver version for free or upgrade the portal features by selecting one of the chargeable versions Gold or Platinum. Of course, you can also register without any testing phase, choose the preferred version, and sign up for your first shipment. Transparency and scalability have top priority for our team. After your registration, we will check your location and decide which partner of our network fits best.

What are the advantages your company has when choosing our SaaS model CIRIS?
Software as a service has many benefits for your company.
First, the lower up-front costs should be a reason to think about using CIRIS. But not only the introduction costs are low, your company can also save costs in the long term. Besides saving money, the time saving is a major factor. Your employees can focus on your main business.

,,The advantage of a SaaS model is that you don’t  have high acquisition and implementation costs. Our team takes care of the complete IT administration and other services such as maintenance and updates for you in the background. We can implement functions and modules into the existing system at any time and make them available on short call. Without restrictions, without installation on site and without high expenses.”

Our service packages

One option for you is to book the Silver package of CIRIS, enabling you to announce your e-waste units for pick-up by a licensed logistics company and to get your e-waste recycled by a certified partner network according to European WEEE specifications. With your Silver account license you will be able to check all your announced shipments including weight, amount of units and related transport documents. The license is restricted to one main company account and an additional sub-company account. This means that you can have two different pick-up locations and monitor them with your main company account. Up to 50 different product categories can be created within your data base and will be available in your reporting dashboard.

The second option is to book the Gold package of CIRIS for 18,99€ monthly. You get the same services and functions as in the Silver package plus the value evaluation of your incoming e-waste, the calculated pay-back price and a full overview of all your related documents, e.g. certificates, packing lists, weighing notes etc., with OCR search function.

The third option is to book the Platinum package of CIRIS, which will supply individual services for your end-of-life-electronics streams. These individual process streams are stored in the portal as a database and can be tracked by you. The Platinum package is a fully individual pricing, so we offer a free workshop to our clients to define the main requirements and create a green recycling concept from operational and technical perspective with extended features in CIRIS. Such an individual recycling service can for instance be the extraction of spare parts from old electrical appliances and the return to the customer’s process cycle. Another example is the scan of serial numbers to confirm the destruction of incoming IT equipment with the creation of a certificate for data destruction.

If you wish to receive an individual offer, please contact our team to support you with further information.

In order to obtain a free trial account, simply complete the form on the CIRECON website and confirm the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. The term of the booked license is always 12 months and is automatically extended if not cancelled by you. For us, the individual service is very important. For this reason, you are free to choose your package and we will help you to find out which functions are most important for you.


  • Free workshop for the analysis of corporate strategy and customer needs
  • Potential analysis on the basis of the transmitted product categories and the collected test material
  • Integration of goods into individual process flows
  • Preparation of optimization recommendations
  • Set-up of an individual process based on the jointly developed results
  • Process definition from the customer’s point of view


Sign up at https://ciris-portal.de/auth/login to test our portal and learn more about the features and benefits for your company.

Create your first shipment and be one of the companies enjoying the transparency of their e-waste streams for more profit, trust, and automation.

We’re looking forward to help your company to go greener. Let your vision be our mission. You want to know more about CIRIS by CIRECON? Contact us at https://cirecon.de/contact-us/, send an e-mail to info@cirecon.de or give us a call on +49-941-89849-770.

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