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World Cleanup Day 2022: The world cleans up

World Cleanup Day is coming up on September 17, 2022. With 14 million participants in around 191 countries (2021), World Cleanup Day is the largest bottom-up citizen movement in the world. Last year, nearly 53 million tons of trash were collected, but we’re sure: There’s more!

(Quelle: World Cleanup Day – DE)

As part of World Cleanup Day, people can take part in various waste collection activities ranging from plastic waste to electronic waste and various other waste. The aim is to make the world clean together. The Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy and Mobility, for example, has launched the “Garbage not around” campaign, in Freiburg the “Trash Hero’s” are getting together and in Cologne actors have formed the K.R.A.K.E. (Kölner Rhein-Aufräum-Kommandoeinheit).

But what’s behind the project?

It is a project of the citizens’ movement “Let’s Do It World!”, which was founded in Estonia in 2008. In 2018, a non-profit supporting association was then registered in Germany called “Let’s Do It! Germany e.V.” was registered. This allows municipalities, schools, companies, associations, initiatives or even private individuals to register their cleanup campaigns and are provided with information on how to do it safely, etc.

(Quelle: World Cleanup Day, DE)

Pollution in the world is increasing year by year. No matter what kind of waste, the mountains of garbage are growing and recycling rates are stagnating. Not properly disposed of electrical appliances or plastic waste not only has an impact on our environment, but also on the health of people and animals. The pollution of drinking water and air have consequences, the extent of which one would not like to imagine.

How can I be part of World Cleanup Day?

There are quite a few ways to participate:

  • Simply participate in a Cleanup (More informations at www.worldcleanupday.de)
  • Motivate friends, family, colleagues, etc.
  • Support of the initiative in public relations
  • Donations of money and goods
  • Learn about environmental protection and recycling (e.g. https://cirecon.de/de/blog/)

Many people, one world, one day – let’s clean up together!

CIRECON for a clean world

At CIRECON, we work every day to make the world more sustainable. With our innovative solutions and our revolutionary software CIRIS, we aim to close the loop for e-waste.