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CIRIS in daily business – a customer example

CIRIS - reporting & informationssystem for electronic recycling

In the following, we would like to describe the implementation of CIRIS in the business process of one of our customers. What was the goal, the requirement for CIRIS and by means of which measures & requirements could the good result be achieved? We will clarify this in the following case study.

CIRIS in the application example of one of our customers – goal, requirement, implementation, measures and result

Aim: A practicable and customized system for the execution and documentation of disposal orders.

Requirement: A recycling tool that maps the practical functions and processes from the recycling industry, enables automation of processes, minimizes administrative effort, and enables central documentation and data collection.

Implementation: Our modularly structured tool enables our customer to meet exactly the requirements he has for the recycling portal.

This is how the customer uses CIRIS:

As a tool for managing collection orders, such as

  • Direct feedback of the status
  • Acceptance or proposal of a pick-up date (after logistic check)
  • Management after receipt of the shipment
  • Inquiry and update of the shipment status update/customer information
  • Breakdown of shipment details by product category
  • Documentation of sorting of e-scrap units according to the sender’s requirements
  • Creation of the invoice basis

In addition, the customer uses our recycling tool to document certified data erasure and data media destruction, as well as to order security boxes.

Measures: A large part of the work steps takes place hand in hand with CIRECON. In many cases, CIRCON does the administration for the customer in CIRIS. For example, the agreed pricing is stored by CIRECON. Furthermore CIRECON handles account management for the customer. Larger data volumes (e.g. mass data imports after the sorting process or scan matching) are simply provided by the customer and imported into the system by us).

Result: 200 disposal orders fully processed via CIRIS. The first disposal order was placed in July 2019.