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Where to put the old walkman?

In the garbage? To the recycling center? Or would you rather store it? The amount of electronic waste in German households is increasing. Since 2006, it has been forbidden to dispose of electrical appliances in household waste (this also applies to small electrical appliances such as cell phones or MP3 players). In the following article, you can read about how to dispose of electrical equipment correctly and what rights and obligations consumers have.

CIRECON recently conducted a survey on the topic of “Electronic waste disposal in private households”. We have received many comments and messages on this topic, which we have of course dealt with and will deal with in the future. Frequently, we received the concern that many consumers are not aware of how to properly dispose of waste electrical equipment and why, for example, in some cities it is possible to dispose of electrical equipment via the yellow garbage can.

Can I simply hand in my old Walkman at a retailer?

Yes. More detailed information is available at www.cirecon.de/gogreen. Here you will find all the information about what e-waste is, why e-waste recycling is so important, how you can properly dispose of e-waste and how to minimize your amount of e-waste. The amendment of the ElektroG is particularly interesting. Also about it you find already a current article under https://cirecon.de/the-new-elektrog.

Where can I as a private person dispose of my Walkman free of charge?

As a private person, you can dispose of your old devices free of charge at the recycling center.

Can I also have my e-waste collected by the normal waste collection service?

In Berlin, there was already an orange garbage can offered by a municipal waste disposal company in which you could dispose of your old electrical appliances. In Leipzig, for example, the Gelbe Tonne+ was introduced. Here, too, citizens were able to dispose of their electronic waste. So there is not yet a uniform nationwide solution. The two solutions presented were also not implemented further after the test phase.

Interesting for retailers, manufacturers and other collection points: What should I do if I have a lot of e-waste to dispose of and transparency and safety are important to me above all?

Collections can be registered via the CIRIS portal with just a few clicks. With the help of tracking and a huge network of disposal companies, we make it possible to carry out the entire process as simply and as transparently as possible. This ensures compliance with all guidelines and makes disposal easier than ever before.

Are you a dealer and fall under the e-waste take-back obligation? We can help you comply with the law, improve your image and even make a profit with minimal effort. Just contact us for a free consultation.

What is a no-go?

Disposing of e-waste in nature or household waste. This not only harms our environment, humans and animals, but also ensures that rare earths and raw materials are lost.

Tips and tricks on how you can minimize e-waste can be found here.